2022 Infiniti QX55 teased ahead of Nov. 11 reveal


Infiniti on Wednesday released a new shot of its forthcoming QX55 and confirmed the vehicle’s debut on November 11.

It will follow the reveal with a showroom appearance next spring, arriving as a 2022 model.

The latest teaser—along with the model nomenclature—leads us to believe the QX55 is a coupe-like version of the QX50 compact crossover SUV. This means the final product should be front-wheel-drive based with optional all-wheel drive, likely powered by Nissan’s variable-compression turbo-4. This engine makes 268 horsepower in other applications, but could be tuned differently for the QX55.

Teaser for 2022 Infiniti QX55 debuting November 11, 2020

Teaser for 2022 Infiniti QX55 debuting November 11, 2020

Infiniti was a pioneer of the coupe-like crossover when it launched the original FX back in 2003, but surprisingly the automaker never expanded the concept to other segments.

The key question is whether a new coupe-like crossover will propel Infiniti out of its recent slump and generate some hype. Infiniti’s lineup is now down to just five models, and automaker’s future looks to be hinged on a range of models based on Nissan platforms.

All Infiniti has to say about its future lineup is that the QX55 is the first in a “wave of new products” coming over the next few years.


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