Cheaper, entry-level rear-wheel-drive Porsche Taycan confirmed


Just as the “entry-level” 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S reaches dealerships in the U.S. word of a less-expensive model surfaces.

Porsche R&D chief Dr. Michael Steiner told Car Magazine in a Monday interview “there will be entry-level models coming off the Taycan.”

Steiner went on to say the less-expensive Taycan will be rear-wheel drive and feature a smaller battery pack. He noted that not all markets, such as China, need all-wheel drive due to more mild weather conditions.

Pricing wasn’t disclosed, but the current entry-level model in the U.S.––the 4S with the standard battery pack––costs $105,150, and options inflate that price quickly.

The Taycan 4S with the performance battery––with a capacity of 93.4 kwh––has an EPA-estimated range of 203 miles. The Taycan 4S with the smaller, 79.2-kwh battery pack, doesn’t have an EPA-estimated range yet. With rear-wheel drive and a smaller battery pack, it’s unclear if the upcoming entry-level Taycan will have more or less range. There will be less energy in the battery pack but it will also draw less due to the lack of all-wheel drive.

In our experiences with the Taycan we’ve found the EPA’s range estimates are fair and accurate. What isn’t noted by the EPA is that the Taycan’s range seems to be consistent regardless of weather or how fast one is going. In other electric vehicles we’ve seen range vary by up to 30% depending on the weather or driving conditions, which is a distinct difference from the Taycan.

The current U.S. Taycan lineup consists of the Turbo S, Turbo, and 4S. A Cross Turismo hatchback version has already been confirmed and spied undergoing testing on public roads. A Targa model is reportedly in the works, but Porsche has yet to confirm the glass-roofed model.

We reached out to Porsche USA to confirm the new base model will come to the U.S, and spokesman Calvin Kim said “we generally do not speak about future products, but you can be sure our electrification initiative will not stop with just three Taycan variants.” We expect to get confirmation for the U.S. market in the coming months.


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