Karma rolls out extended-range electric van concept


Karma continues to churn out examples of its Revero GT extended-range electric sedan at its plant in Moreno Valley, California, but the company doesn’t see itself solely as an automaker. Rather, Karma is positioning itself to be an automaker and technology company, and one of the technologies it plans to offer is a highly flexible EV platform.

The platform is called E-Flex, and it comes in both battery-electric and extended-range electric guises. There are as many as 22 possible configurations when you factor in various options for batteries, motors, transmissions, suspension, subframes and steering. One setup is designed for supercars and has 1,100 horsepower on tap.

Karma EREV E-Flex extended-range EV platform

Karma EREV E-Flex extended-range EV platform

The extended-range version of the platform, known as EREV E-Flex, currently underpins Karma’s Revero GT and Revero GTS sedans, and on Thursday the company demonstrated it in a commercial van concept. The particular configuration used for the van concept delivers an electric range of 200 miles and a total range of 400 miles when an onboard internal-combustion engine is used.

Karma said the van would be ideal for a delivery driver or tradesperson, or for use as a shuttle bus or camper van, when properly outfitted. The company has also demonstrated a battery-electric van concept based on the E-Flex platform.

2020 Kamra Revero GTS

2020 Kamra Revero GTS

Karma doesn’t intend to get into the commercial vehicles business directly. Instead, it wants to license its platform technology to other vehicle manufacturers looking for a fast, relatively low-cost solution to entering the EV game. By using an off-the-shelf platform, the manufacturers can avoid the cost of developing, testing and certifying one from scratch.

And Karma hasn’t forgotten its own lineup. In 2021, Karma will introduce a battery-electric Revero GTE sedan which will offer up to 400 miles of range on a charge.


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