Mansory Cabrera turns Lamborghini Aventador SVJ up to 799bhp


Mansory is famed for taking the world’s most exotic performance and luxury cars and modifying them to a level one could never imagine, and 2020 has been no exception, with the new Audi RS6 and now the already-extreme Aventador SVJ receiving the German tuner’s attention.

Appropriately named after one of the world’s most famous breeding lines of fighting bull, alongside Gallardo and Miura, the Cabrera is limited to only three units, and marks the beginning of a line of special editions to celebrate Mansory’s 30th anniversary. 

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> New Audi RS6 pumped to 720bhp by Mansory 

Coming with a full carbonfibre body, width over the standard SVJ is increased by 4cm, and a number of new components aim to improve upon the standard car’s appearance, cooling and aerodynamics. New, larger front air intakes help increase airflow to the radiators, whilst the side intakes are also tweaked to direct more fresh air to the braking system and the mid-mounted 6.5-litre V12. The combination of a new double diffuser and a large rear spoiler are also said to improve downforce. 

The naturally aspirated V12 produces an additional 39bhp and 44lb ft of torque over standard, for a total of 799bhp and 575lb ft; 0-62mph is now said to take two tenths less, at 2.6sec, with top speed at 220mph.

Elsewhere, the Cabrera has been fitted with entirely new headlights to further help avoid the scenario of somebody mistaking it for a mere standard SVJ. There’s also a new quad-tipped exhaust system, staggered 20 and 21-inch lightweight, Veneno-esque forged wheels, and a carbonfibre weave that references the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter. 

Matching the ‘Vento Verde’ exterior colour is the reupholstered cabin, coming complete with forged carbonfibre trim, arrow-shaped decorative elements and, once again, carbonfibre weave referencing the F-117. And to ensure you don’t forget what you’re riding in, the Lamborghini logo has even been replaced with ‘Cabrera’ on the passenger side of the dash. 

Pricing is yet to be disclosed.


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