McLaren Senna LM revealed


Last December, we heard rumors that McLaren was working on a limited run of Senna LM models based on the Senna GTR track car.

Now, the McLaren dealership in Auckland, New Zealand, has taken delivery of one of the cars, and it is absolutely stunning.

McLaren still hasn’t officially announced the Senna LM, but thanks to this video from Giltrap TV we have a few of the details.

McLaren F1 LM at British Motor Show

McLaren F1 LM at British Motor Show

The Senna LM, as the name and intoxicating paint scheme suggest, is an homage to the legendary F1 LM that McLaren launched in the 1990s to celebrate its overall win in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans with the F1 GTR race car.

The Senna LM is actually based on the Senna GTR track car but has been modified to be legal on the street. It also features numerous unique elements to set it apart from the standard Sennas, as well as link it to the F1 LM.

The list includes the retro wheels similar to those used on the race-winning F1 GTR, along with louvers on the front fenders, the removal of the clear panel in the doors, and real gold on some of the mechanical parts. This includes the famous 24-carat gold coating for the heat shields in the engine bay.

2019 McLaren Senna, Portugal Media Drive, June 2018

2019 McLaren Senna, Portugal Media Drive, June 2018

The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 has also been modified so that it now delivers somewhere in the 800-horsepower range, up from the standard Senna’s 789 hp. Modifications include port and polished heads, as well as new induction and exhaust systems. You’ll notice even the exhaust tips feature gold accents.

According to the previous rumors, McLaren is building just 20 examples of the Senna LM. The rumors also point to there being three similar cars known as the Senna Can-Am editions.

We could see even more special McLarens built to celebrate this year’s 25th anniversary of the 1995 Le Mans victory. British motorsport and engineering company Lanzante, which fielded the winning F1 GTR and today offers road car conversions for McLaren’s track cars, has announced a new model that will be known as the LM 25 editions. Just seven of these will be built, though it isn’t clear which of McLaren’s cars they will be based on. McLaren has also just unveiled the 720S Le Mans edition.


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