Porsche Taycan gets even quicker following software upgrade


Porsche has revised the all-electric Taycan, introducing more personalisation options, software upgrades for the powertrain, and new charging tech. 

The updated range is available to order now, with prices starting at £83,580 for the 4S, and topping out at £138,830 for the Turbo S. The standard Turbo sits between the pair, at £115,860.

The updates introduce a range of seven new exterior paint options. Mahogany, Frozenberry, Cherry, Coffee Beige, Chalk, Neptune Blue and Ice Grey all join the lineup, while inside it’s now possible to choose from a couple of two-tone finishes, as well as a new colour: Blackberry. 

Further personalisation of the upholstery – available in leather and leather-free options – allows contrasting finishes for the seat centres and the stitching. Equipment has been upgraded in the form of an optional colour head-up display, while the entry-level 4S now gets standard heated front seats.

A range of software tweaks have not only improved performance, but enhanced the charging options. The Taycan is currently unique in the EV market, as its 800 Volt electrical system allows it to charge at up to 270kW – a speed available at Ionity charging stations. However, when drivers don’t need such urgency, it is possible to reduce the rate of charge to a slower level, which according to Porsche will extend the service life of the battery.

Further integration with Ionity will come through the Plug & Charge function. This will mean that Taycan users can simply hook up to an Ionity chargepoint and charging will begin straight away, with any payments processed automatically.

Another function allows the Taycan to optimise a domestic charge. If a home is equipped with solar energy, the Taycan can smart charge itself using any excess solar energy not used by the home, for example, on a sunny day.

Further battery tweaks have improved the already staggering performance of the Taycan Turbo S. The 0-124mph time has dropped by 0.2 seconds to 9.6 seconds, a figure which Porsche confidently states can be performed repeatedly without any drop-off.

Versatility is boosted by a suspension lift system: cars equipped with air suspension can raise the nose to negotiate ramps and speed bumps. 

Two driver assist systems, Active Lane Keep assist and InnoDrive (a function which automatically adjusts speed based on corners, traffic and road furniture) are each offered as a £759 option, or alternatively on a monthly subscription basis priced at £18 per month. Variable power steering is offered at an outright cost of £299; all of these functions can be equipped after purchase thanks to over-the-air updates.

Check out the new entry-level Porsche Taycan here…


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